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If you are interested in some of these photos check the file name (on the left of the big photo) and the date.

If in the name of the file appears "raw" it means that of this photo is also available the no compression version.

The original photos are 10 Megapixel (3872 x 2592 pixel) in JPG or RAW format.

!!!   After 10 days it is not guaranteed that I still have the original photos   !!!

Contact:   Sasha 0039-3661984444 (desde/from Italy 3661984444) - info@sashaphoto.it

Recently in the web the best photos of Sipura, Mentawai, Sumatra 2008 (Indonesia) only surf

and Nias, Sumatra 2008 (Indonesia) only surf!

LAST PHOTOS (in the web) 11-02-09  Photos Menu  LAST PHOTOS (in the web) 11-02-09

If you want I can take photos from the water! I can also take videos!

I am staying in Italy!

In the next future you'll be able to see the best photos of Indonesia 2008 (Sumbawa and Nusa Lembongan)!